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February 8th, 2009 (11:40 am)

From 6am yesterday to 6am today I have sent the following Twitters...

22:03 Have turned off LoudTwitter as I don't want it blogging for me. Twittering is not blogging!

22:27 Yes, okay, I'll start using Twitter again... if I remember.

22:32 @ajnspencer You'd be much better!

23:09 @ajnspencer You're not wrong! It'd be much better if they reintroduced the live updates to mobiles! Made Twitter worthwhile!

23:09 @smifflette 7o7! ;) x

23:23 @scoobydoofus Yes! Do.

23:32 @smifflette No, I don't think so. Oh well. Maybe she'll see it on our blogs and want to join in!

23:39 @smifflette I'm using BCUK's one... it matches my blog.

23:39 RIght, off to bed. I have work from 8am to 9pm tomorrow! Gah!

23:46 @Smifflette G'night gorgeous x

07:08 @malakeas Hiya! X

07:09 Is awake! Enough now Mr. Clock, no more noise and we'll get along just fine!

07:10 Snooooow!!!

07:23 I am the first to drive down my road, all the way to the lights, in the snow!

07:25 @sminchin1977 Barrowman! *shudder*

08:30 @sminchin1977 Oooh, he's all toothy! Too "perfecty american" for me. Needs roughing up a bit.

09:15 Writing the email Juzzzt requested!

10:47 @sminchin1977 Oh yes! Ianto - Hubba hubba! Jack - no no no! :D

10:56 @sminchin1977 Hahahahaaaa! Okay, I'll give you that one! To coin a phrase!

A million monkeys did this on a million typewriters then it was uploaded by LoudTwitter for me.