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February 10th, 2009 (05:05 am)

From 6am yesterday to 6am today I have sent the following Twitters...

09:25 Mr. Peat died. It's the end of an era.

09:25 I am sad.

10:48 Look! twitpic.com/1eipg I'll never get my bacon sammich!

11:11 @chiselwright Fuck Me Boots Fuck The Weather?

11:19 I got coffee! Halfway to getting a saussie sammic!

11:20 @Smifflette Ain't he a lamb :) How you feeling loveliness?


11:52 @malakeas Yummy indeed!

12:23 @sminchin1977 Hovering is always fun!

12:25 @dementiajones TMI TMI!!!!!

12:54 @flightblogger It's an act of terrorism nowadays. Personally I think it's just bloody stupid!

13:16 @flightblogger I'm in.

13:51 I've just pulled on of my stitches out.

14:17 Looking at hunky rugbty players for a Man for Monday

14:18 And rugby players!

15:02 Watching Bert get excited about the Amazon event! Very sad.

15:27 @jamescantsleep Are you making the video or using it in something?

15:32 @jamescantsleep No Sunlight by Deathcab for Cutie or Mykonos by Fleet Foxes

15:33 @jamescantsleep Or Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand!

15:34 @sminchin1977 Mmmm Tom....

15:36 @jamescantsleep Abotu 3 years in all. No good stories though... not twitter ones anyway! Ha!

15:42 @jamescantsleep Add Scoobydoofus he's into his music ;)

16:18 Well that's all my stitches gone! Aches a little but mostly fine.

16:53 I think I need to boot some twitter people!

16:57 @sminchin1977 It's a burden but I cope.

17:01 @sminchin1977 And everyone knows it.

17:19 @jamescantsleep Ho yes! Spent most of yesteday singing Frankly Mister Shankly!

17:19 @Smifflette She's right, I wouldn't dare.

17:22 @soyster Oh babe! Hope you feel better soon! x

17:23 @sminchin1977 Well I do now mrs!

17:23 Cuts made. Lets see if it makes a difference.

17:28 Off to WoW for a bit.

18:03 @jamescantsleep Your picture... you look like a moody Ray Quinn.

18:04 It would only eight of the nine stitches had come out. Now the 9th has jump come out. Wth some force. All I tatse is blood.

18:13 We're having a power cut!

18:14 Thank Dorothy for 3G modems and laptop batteries!

18:16 OMFG! My jaw is on fire!

18:17 @malakeas I wish you were in my home! ;)

18:30 @Schofe Tweet away!

18:48 Not overly happy that some of my twits come from Spaz

19:04 @Smifflette Hahahahahahaa! I wish!

19:09 @Schofe No

19:09 @Schofe But if you go to google and do search for the group and add Twitter to it you'll find stuff

19:10 @ScoobyDoofus See I've heard that but no... I use Twitter so I twit. I don't use Tweeter so I don't tweet.

19:18 @dementiajones bluuueeerrgggghhh

19:36 @ajnspencer I need to buy a new outfit don't I?!

19:44 I can't stop singing "I've got a golden ticket" from the original Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

19:50 @Smifflette No?

19:56 @Smifflette Ah!

19:57 @Smifflette What was the story aboot gorgeous?

20:04 @Smifflette My grandpa was stationed in Burma during WW2... I wonder if it's one of his.

20:19 Yay! Power cut over!

20:29 @sminchin1977 TTFN x

22:41 @Smifflette BOL

22:44 @aplusk re: paps; they're assholes

22:57 @jamescantsleep it is this new fangled business called social networking.

23:00 @spaz not a prayer! Wouldn't change it at all... Just makes me laugh.

23:03 Bugger it! Power is still out so off to bed with the DS and/or a book... And candle!

23:05 twitpic.com/1eshs - G'night!

23:06 You just know I'm still going to be about and twitting or blogging for a good few hours yet! Meh!

23:15 @greggrunberg head cheese is great!

23:16 @Smifflette Apparently "someone" set alight to the pole!

23:58 @jamescantsleep freaky

23:59 Cos I've got a golden ticket!

00:08 @dementiajones would flashing your cha cha have ended it sooner?

00:09 Powers back on! At last!!!

00:45 @kendersrule but heating is better.

A million monkeys did this on a million typewriters then it was uploaded by LoudTwitter for me.


Posted by: merlinwon (merlinwon)
Posted at: February 10th, 2009 08:20 pm (UTC)

Are these better than RARE comments on EL JAY?? ;) ~ hugs ~

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